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Last Wednesday, I went to an Aglow meeting where men and women from a variety of churches and their invited non believing friends, come together for worship, prayer, testimonies and there is usually a guest speaker, ie an evangelist, prophet and/or healer who is invited to speak.

We had a wonderful evangelist, healer speak. He reminded me of an old time fiery preacher from back in the day. Got me all fired up.

After that, I went to lunch with the music leader of Aglow in my area. Her friend spotted her in the cafe and came up for a chat. He told us that he had recently been in a car accident [wreck]. He was still able to walk [Praise God!] but he was nursing his shoulder which was extremely tender and painful.

I asked if he would like me to pray for it, he look surprised as he is not a believer....but said yes. So I layed my hands on his shoulder and prayed for him.....and faith moved. He walked away without holding that shoulder any more and he walked away healed.

A very blessed day! Filled with the Holy Spirit and fire....

PS: An after thought - I did not recognise this young man until later on but he recognised me. I taught him about Jesus in "Bible in schools" when I was a "Bible in Schools teacher" and he was at primary school [elementary].

Probably why he let me pray for him. God is so good! Devine Encounters!
Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. Hebrew 4:13
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