Prayer for the Nation

You hear the stories of the power of prayer. Live it! (1 John 5:14) We are a praying people around here who that we rely on God for our hope and our future. Talk to the Father!
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Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:10 pm

Every nation on the surface of the earth need God.

The bible admonishes us to pray for the peace of our nation. As believers, we have a primary responsibility to pray for our nation.
We must pray for the success of our nation, the peace of our nation and also the citizens and foreigners of our great nation.
Every nation needs prayers, every nation has there own peculiar challenges.
Some nations that where once Christian nations are now fast becoming atheist nations, the devil is really taken over the minds of billions of people in the world today. The only way we can stop the devil is through the power of prayers. We must come together as believers to resist the power of darkness in our nation. We as Christians must rise up and intercede for our nation and the nations of the Earth.

Father, in the name of Jesus, set our nation free from every trap of destruction set by the wicked.
hasten your vengeance upon the enemies of peace and progress of our nations and let the citizens of this nation and all nations be rescued from all the assaults of the wicked. Father, by the blood of Jesus, we ask for the rescue of our nation from the powers of darkness contending against her,by the wisdom from above, deliver the nations of the World from forces of destruction arrayed against them in the name of Jesus, let the wickedness of the wicked against our nations come to an end even as we now pray
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