A Strange Dream That has More to it Than Meets The Eye!

Does God still make himself known to us in the form of dreams visions and Prophecy? Discuss them here.
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Last night before nightshift, I had this dream. There was a girl [about 16] who was extremely unwell. She had a loving family who were deeply concerned for her. They decided to watch her around the clock as it was apparent that she was not long for this world.

She was lying on a couch in the living room with blankets over her. One of the family regularly came to check on her but then suddenly, she disappeared and they began to panic and frantically search for her everywhere.

In the mean time, while lying in her bed on the couch, that young lady heard the voice of the Lord. The Lord said to her, "go tell the old woman [who was one of their neighbors] that she had come to help her." The old woman had been living alone for a long time and she had no close relatives or family too speak of. Although she did her best, the elderly woman could not keep up with the day to day maintenance that a house this size, requires. The old woman was also gravely unwell.

The girl got up and did as the Lord had said. When she got there, the old house was in a state of disrepair. It looked so forlorn and unloved and there were signs of evil entities flicking back and forth through the unkempt, dreary, half empty rooms....

Anyway, the young girl knocked on the door and an elderly lady answered.
The girl said to her "The Lord had asked me to come and help you"
the elderly woman replied "no thank you I am fine"

The girl said a second time....
"The Lord has asked me to come and help you",
The elderly women again said "No thank you, I am fine"

The third time the girl said "the Lord has asked me to come and help you"
The elderly lady once again said "no thank you I am Fine"

Suddenly, a powerful annointing fell from the heavenlies and it cascaded down and over the house, from Top to bottom. Just then, the atmosphere changed and the house turned from an old, dark and dingy, neglected, demon infested hovel, to a beautiful, spiritually clean, peaceful, light, bright, shiny new home. One that the old woman could be proud of. The old woman had also changed into a kind, joyful, caring, loving, woman of God.

Minutes later, the girl returned home to find her whole family in a state of desperation but they were so thankful that she had returned safely and that she was also completely, made well.

Blessings and Peace
Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. Hebrew 4:13
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